Photography 27/03/05—15/04/17

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1 Nautilus Shell Stock photograph of a Half Shell Nautilus pompilius
2 Gothic Church of St. Peter, Porto Venere, Italy Gothic Church of St. Peter, consecrated in 1198 gaurding the entrance of Porto Venere, Italy. This looks fabulous in a metal print.
3 Bike Trail Bicycle trail in late winter with a moon
4 Cumberlland Falls Cumberland Falls, Corbin KY, " the Niagara of the South" In Early November
5 Tuscan Field in Fog View from our Agriturismo house at Seina in late September. Fog rolling in
6 Sunset on The Tiber Romance at sunset on the Tiber River, Florence, Italy
7 Stock photographs of auto Waterloo, IA May 6, 2012
8 Stock photographs of autos attending the Blackhawk County Street Machines 35th Annual Springfest Car Show
Waterloo, Iowa Sunday May 6, 2012
9 Steam Power Case 110 HP Steam Tractor This is the largest and most powerful engine built in the Case shops. It is designed for heavy plowing. Photographed at Heritage Park of North Iowa Forest City, IA
10 1941 Ford Convertible Stock photographs of autos Waterloo, IA Sept 16, 2012